This is a really simple project that would fun for anyone getting started with an Arduino. Check out the ‘more info’ section for a link to the source code. There aren’t any schematics, but the code is well documented.

More about the Imperial March on an Arduino

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4 thoughts on “Imperial March on an Arduino

  1. The video looks like the LED is in the path to the speaker. Won’t this have the effect of cutting out half the sound wave?

    1. @Alex,

      It does, but it isn’t. It’s a shame there aren’t any schematics, but ask anyone familiar with electronics and they can help. Here is the code:

      int ledPin = 13;
      //led for visualization (use 13 for built-in led)

      int speakerPin = 11;
      //speaker connected to one of the PWM ports

      Each component has it’s own pin.
      Send me an email if you need any additional help getting started. I would be happy to help.

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