The fine folks at Oomlout, makers of several seriously sweet robot kits, have put together an Instructable on how they go through the process of fulfilling their kit orders, in this case, a 30-kit lot. The idea is to show you all that’s involved in running your own cottage factory, by way of example.

You will find everything you need to get up and making your own SERB’s in semi-industrial volumes, ideally you won’t decide to. The real purpose of this Instructable is to act as a repository for our methods, jigs, and tricks, and to help anyone looking into producing similar style kits (or simply for those who like to see how a product is made).

Updates to come
This will be an evolving Instructable, to be updated with new tricks as and when we come up with them. Hopefully, slowly changing from the small tabletop factory we now operate towards something much grander.

I had the pleasure of putting together a SERB kit over the Christmas holiday and I’ll be posting a full review of the build later this week.

Open Manufacturing – (How to Build 30 (SERB) Kits)