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If you’ve ever tried to tamp espresso in a single spout portafilter, you’ll know that it tends to wobble around, due to the single, offset contact point with the surface you rest it on. CoffeeGeek forum member Juanjo Viagran shows off his ingenuity and woodworking skills with this beautiful portafilter holder.

10 thoughts on “Single spout portafilter holder

  1. bzzzzt.

    It’s espresso. John got it right, bobby. Just because 90% of Americans are ignorant doesn’t make mispronunciation/misspelling correct.

    And yes, for the record, I’m a full-blooded Yank.

  2. My espresso maker has 2 ports, but it’s never even occured to me to put it on a flat surface while loading it. I hold it in one hand and use the other to put in the espress grounds and then tamp it down.

    Even with a single port machine, I would have never imagined this problem exists.

  3. Hi Oracle, your method sounds interesting. A lot of people shoot for a consistent tamp pressure of 30 lbs. and are trying like crazy to keep things level. (We train on bathroom scales; we’re nuts.) I wonder if you could do that in thin air like you do? That would be pretty stylish, maybe it’ll become someone’s signature move in the barista competitions…
    When you said “I would have never imagined this problem exists.”, surely you were forgetting that espresso obsessives are constantly inventing new problems for themselves to solve ;)

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