This 2004 piece by Osman Khan, the Art Dispensing Machine (ADM):

The ADM plays with the notion of creating art in the age of digital reproduction. Using Market-Of-One strategies, where companies wish to market and provide goods and services targeted at individual preferences, the ADM produces unique prints, for the visitor to take with them, based on the card swiped. Is the print precious or as disposable as crumpled receipts wasting in our wallets and purses? The visitor may slide as many different cards as they like. The face seen on the print is generated by the visitor’s name and will be unique to the visitor, other imagery and text is generated using the other information contained on the purchase card. The text is generated from the top 100 marketing slogans.

It doesn’t store your info or charge your card, just makes art! Via VVORK.


Beats from a barcode