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DIY: Cheap on-camera flash diffuser

Jason has a great write up about the advantages of using a flash diffuser and an off-camera flash. He has a bunch of great examples, and a nice tutorial at the end of his article. After seeing the results, you will want to try it out too!

I’m going to talk about how to make a cheap slave flash, and, how to make a free / super cheap, on camera flash diffuser for Nikon, and really any other camera with a pop up top flash


More about DIY: Cheap on-camera flash diffuser

In the Maker Shed:


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4 thoughts on “DIY: Cheap on-camera flash diffuser

  1. for Canon S2 IS users like me, frosted white 35mm film canisters can be cut to fit right on the flash and gives the desired result like the above ‘made’ fix.

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