Vintage television acquired


Let it begin! My wife picked up the RCA Victor 21″ television last night from our friend. I unloaded it and set it in the hallway; it’s a little bit bigger than I envisioned, and even cooler than I’d hoped. The giant channel knob on the side turns the channel indicator display inside a little window above the TV screen. Seems like that needs to be incorporated into the project. Maybe it’ll correspond to the “next customer” tickets I hand out at parties.

I only had a moment to poke around, but there are three speakers mounted behind the stylish fabric, and a switch on the back that goes between “TV” and “PH”. This is so you could plug your phonograph into an RCA jack and play through the set. Neato!

There have been so many excellent, creative ideas in the comments of my first post on this project, thank you so much. If I can settle in on a direction to go, I’d like to chronicle the build here, with an eye toward carting the finished project to the 2009 Bay Area Maker Faire in May (providing I do a decent job on it and it’s Maker Faire-worthy, otherwise I’ll deny any of this ever happened).


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