Cheapest standalone arduino?

From the MAKE: Flickr pool

Gao writes –

Hi my master:

I has made a cheapest Standalone Arduino mini use ATMEGA8 and breadboard.
maybe you would like see it,here it’s photo on flickr:

If you think that’s funny enough to post on makezine’s blog,,,just do it.

Thank you very much for reading and sorry for my english.

Please no apologies – you’ve obviously never read my Mandarin ;)

Hmmm … I haven’t been keeping score on least expensive Arduino but this one certainly seems economical (depending on how much that breadboard sold for). In any case, nice label graphics! – Standalone Arduino mini pin mapping

6 thoughts on “Cheapest standalone arduino?

  1. Really? Is that all there is to putting one together? Can we get some more details (required parts, how to program, etc)?

  2. @Tony K

    Yeah, that’s the basic circuit. However, without additional hardware/circuits you wont be able to reset it (no reset button, though I suppose a wire that is touched to GND will do it in a pinch), or program it.

    I built one of these before without the crystal, and I was able to use the hex files that the Arduino software created along with a home made, parallel port programmer to program it. It was a difficult setup (I compiled GCC-AVR at the same time making it even more so), but quite the learning experience.

    I have to say, though, that I was disappointed with the performance without the crystal (I recommend adding it, even though you’ll have to burn the clock fuse). PWM signals are a little inaccurate without it (caused flicker with my test LED). And, I’d go with a home made serial programmer instead of parallel since you’ll be able to use the Arduino software to program it directly (no need to use avrdude)

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