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I sometimes take for granted that we have an IKEA in town (or at least in one of our suburbs), so this tea towel design from Skinny laMinx reminded me that I’m lucky to be able to hop in the car anytime I need to satisfy my Swedish home furnishing needs. Based in South Africa, Heather doesn’t have access to an IKEA store. After a blog reader sent an IKEA catalog to her, she started sketching some of her wish list items. She’s taken that visual wish list and transformed it into a custom-printed tea towel. Looks like something that could fit into an IKEA catalog itself!

8 thoughts on “I Wish I Had IKEA Tea Towel

  1. I live in Tampa and I am counting down the days to the Ikea opening. It is suppose to open this spring. I can’t wait. I love Ikea.

  2. IKEA!! There was one in AZ where I use to live. Now the closest one to Indy is the one in Chicago. I love Ikea and miss it terribly. PLEASE COME BACK TO ME!!

  3. Wow, I had no idea that people all over the place also wish they had Ikea! Thanks so much for this post on my new tea towel.

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