HOW TO – Bronzing baby’s shoes

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HOW TO – Bronzing baby’s shoes Mechanix Illustrated, 1949 –

IT is said that the electroplating of baby shoes was conceived when a Scotchman saw a suit of armor during a visit to his ancestral home. Nowadays the “metalizing” of baby’s first shoes is reaching an astonishing popularity, based mostly on the permanence given such articles when they are protected against time with a coating of metal. Copper is the metal most commonly used, and it is enduring enough in itself, but for further protection and attractiveness the encasement of copper may be plated over with gold, silver or nickel. The electroplated shoes are stiff and rigid and may be displayed mounted or unmounted as permanent keepsakes.

Almost all kinds of baby shoes may be plated, including those with soft soles, creepers, and even knitted “shoes.”

Does any maker out there still do this?


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