No. 6 dry cell battery remake




The No. 6 dry cell was one of the first batteries to replace the “wet cell” or “dangerous glass jar of liquid chemicals”, as they were called in the olden days. This site has some great info about their history (they were used to power early telephones, for example), and some different designs for repacking or remaking your own using modern D-cells.

8 thoughts on “No. 6 dry cell battery remake

  1. The clips on the batteries? a friend when I was a kid (he was a retired math professor) called those “Fonstock” clips. I’ve never seen them outside of his shop. Anyone else know them by that name?

  2. When I last bought them they were called “Fahnestock” clips. I have them on a crystal set I built some time ago, but otherwise I haven’t seen them here in Australia for a long time.

  3. A quick Google found several electronic suppliers of Fahnestock clips. I remember using them on some of the kits I built while growing up.

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