This might be the next Diet Coke & Mentos… real or not, very fun to watch.

16 thoughts on “Tic-Tac orchestra

  1. Man, look at the camera angles, and how the cameraman is (A) never in the picture, and (B) manages to get passers-by just “happening” to wave their friends over, and (C) this is all beautifully edited together…

    It’s a nice ad. Very nice of Make to donate their bandwidth for TicTac’s ad campane.

  2. After giving it some thought, I’d like to request of makezine an update to whatever rules of engagement apply to what is picked for the blog.

    No viral ad campaigns.

    While we’ve seen interesting ads, [the honda accord rube goldberg machine ads come to mind], and I don’t mind those, there is something about these ads that are intended from the outset to be viral that annoys me.

    It’s the lying contextually. It’s the “oh this is cool and it just *happened* to occur” part that just ticks me off. No pun intended[unless it was].

    It would be one thing to see behind the scenes or get background information on how a commercial was made, another entirely to be subjected to what amounts to a Faux-maker.

    That cheapens us all, those of us trying to do something real.

  3. @RocketGuy – it’s not anti-maker, more often than not – makers see something someone tried to do and they make it real. in the post, i say this “real or not, very fun to watch” — we’ll likely see someone do this and share how they did it, it will be a maker.

    it’s a holiday for most of the usa, i don’t think posting a fun video is harmful.

    i think it’s clear it’s not real, if you’d like i can be more clear in the post… “folks, try and do this, document how you will or would, let us know…”

    all that said, what goes on the blog is mostly up to the makers (one sent this in) and myself, so i appreciate your feedback – we rarely put viral videos up, i tend to like ones that inspire folks to “make” something. the honda ad being a good example.

  4. I’m not sure why we should be trying to make viral ads. I guess the initial steps in the documentation would be:
    1 incorporate
    2 sell a product that you need to convince people to buy
    3 start a marketing department
    4 be devious
    5 make

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