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Wooden Vespa rebuild






Portuguese craftsman Carlos Alberto handbuilt this sublime wooden Vespa. I think the classic Vespa is one of the most beautiful designs in history, and this is a truly worthy remake.

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20 thoughts on “Wooden Vespa rebuild

  1. The craftsman ship is wonderful, the time spent doing is a amazing commitment I would think. I would love to know the weight of the bike before and after his work.

  2. fantastico, Alberto. Extraordinario trabajo!!!. M eencanta!.

    saudos dende Espanha! de un galego!.

    ¿Crees ti que poderia face-lo mesmo con unha Hyosung Aguila????. Ja ja ja

  3. That is superb!

    beautiful craftmanship, and what a load of work that must have been…please post more info please!!!!

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