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Biker-created bike lane

(Image, story via Fast Company)

The right thing to do when there are no bike lanes on a road you ride is lobby your local government to create them. The quicker (and cooler) thing to do is project your own. Hence the Light Lane: a biker-centric bicycle lane. No step-by-step instructions yet (or, for that matter, evidence one has been built), but still a great bike-safety project!

18 thoughts on “Biker-created bike lane

  1. I’m seeing a bunch of double posting today (including this article). Are having a problem?

    Also, is there a way to avoid seeing duplicate posts that appear in hackzine and makezine?

  2. I don’t think so – no helmet, no reflectors, dark clothing – how is a car supposed to see him?

    In any case, the projected markings would be washed out by a car’s headlights…

  3. I think this is more of an illustration. The lines are in exactly the right place even though the bike doesn’t look quite straight and the bike rider icon seems to be perfectly square with the bottom of the photo. Based on the apparent projector location I suspect there might be shadow problems with bike and rider.

  4. @Pelrun – you’re right the original posting made it sound like a good idea, but for anyone who’s tried to use a laser in daylight knows it doesn’t work very well – a car’s headlights will quickly wash it out.

    The rider would be much better off with a helmet, headlight, and blinking taillight. I’ve worked on a number of bicycle accident cases and far too many of them that happen at night involve bikes without those simple, and in many places legally, required items (many don’t even have reflectors on them).

    I guess it’s a neat concept – that’s why I clicked on the link, but for anyone who MAKES things would quickly realize this concept can’t be brought to fruition.

  5. As much as it irritates me, bikes are legally allowed to use the same roads as cars.

    Personally, I would like to see this law changed, since bikes can rarely move at the speed of other traffic, and therefore cause (in my opinion) a traffic hazard.

    But for now, the law is the law.

  6. as for berlin conditions i am allways faster with the bike then a car…… we have kind of a good bike lane system but not everywhere in town. there is just less trafic jam with bikes… its wonderull. i use all the roads available… keeps you in shape as well.

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