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MAKE subscriber Lynn writes in about the Internet dog feeder which allows this lucky dog to get food even when the owner is away from home. From the video I would guess that the maker is fairly young, which makes this project even more awesome. Apparently the project was completed in about an hour. Now that’s a quick project with some nice results.

Every once in a while you stubble across something on YouTube that strikes you as both entertaining and educational. I was searching around when I found the “Internet Dog Feeder” by Tyler. I don’t know much about who is behind the project, but it for sure works well and is a very cool design. Of course it uses the ioBridge IO-204 module to drive a continous rotating servos from a web page that also has a live camera feed of the dog’s bowl. Tyler can log on to his web page and see if the bowl is empty and send some food. With a click of the mouse, the servo spins to fill the dog bowl.

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