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Hack lets you look someone directly in the eyes through your laptop camera

“Here is looking at you, Kid” by Berlin-based artist Aram Bartholl, is a low-tech way of fixing the annoying aspect of video conferencing where participants are not making “eye-contact” through their web cameras. Rather than looking at the camera, the typical person stares at their screen, thus not making eye contact with the person they are chatting with. The device is made of a mirror, some glass with mirror foil, and a piece of cardboard, in order to mimic what a teleprompter does to text for a TV news anchor. The result allows the viewer’s eye contact to connect with the person and a final manufacturer fix might be to integrate the camera behind the LCD screen so that you can actually look directly at the other person.

Here is looking at you, Kid

6 thoughts on “Hack lets you look someone directly in the eyes through your laptop camera

  1. The fact that a commercial product exists does nothing to diminish this project. Also, commercial products (especially relatively simple ones) are perfect re-make candidates. Maybe this person has seen or used the commercial product and decided to do a re-make.

    It’s a cool idea and I may try this out, but I would never purchase the commercial product.

  2. But the article acts as if this is a totally new idea. The article does not say, for example: “While you can buy one of these, I’ve found a simple way to make it yourself…”.

    I admit that making an existing product is interesting if it is signifigantly cheaper and more simple than buying one.

    But this is presented as an entirely new idea, which it is NOT.

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