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Best use of shag carpet ever

Here’s a great overview of different ways to refrigerate:

“Your refrigerator is one of the largest consumers of energy in your home. In an average home, refrigeration burns 125 watts per hour. You can, of course, take steps to reduce the amount of electricity your refrigerator uses–by shag carpeting it, for example. But why not replace your fridge with something entirely renewable?”

My favorite is shag carpeting your refrigerator:

Project: Insulation Of Existing Fridge
Renter friendly.
Project Time: Weekend.
Cost: Inexpensive ($50-100, depending on type of insulation used and size of frame to hold it).
Energy Saved: High. Average refrigeration uses 8 percent of the household energy budget. Insulating your refrigerator can reduce energy use by up to 50 percent.
Ease of Use: Easy. Does not affect day-to-day use.
Maintenance Level: Low. Lengthens life of fridge by reducing the compressor load.
Skill Levels: Carpentry: Moderate.
Materials: 2 × 4s, insulation, paneling, connector plates, screws, and nails.
Tools: Saw, drill, hammer.

And you can also go fully carbon-free for refrigeration, although you lose lots of your ability to regulate temperature.

Here’s the zeer pot, my favorite version
. I’d like to see one of these that adds its own water and maybe turns on supplemental, on-grid refrigeration when/if it gets too warm. Anybody know of other (particularly well-documented) energy-efficient DIY refrigeration?

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