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Joel Johnson of BoingBoing TV gives us a peek into what goes on behind the curtain at the Electro-Harmonix sonic factory in NYC. Quite awesome to see how very hands-on and down-to-earth their staff and production process is. Keeping it this real is likely the only way one could maintain a rep for such creative and quality work – and a wall of vacuum tubes doesn’t hurt either.

Hrrrmm … now I got me a hankerin’ for some effects-building. – BoingBoing TV visits the EHX factory in NYC


alt.CES: Electro-Harmonix Voice Box

10 thoughts on “A look inside the Electro-Harmonix factory …

  1. You guys went all the way there, state right at the beginning of the video that they make 2/3rds of all the vacuum tubes in the world, and didn’t show any vacuum tube production! Outside of that, it’s a very cool video and their office reminds me a lot of the places where I work.


  2. And this was shot in our NYC facility, which assembles the EHX pedals, finishes the tubes (ie, burning and matching), and ships boxes.

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