Sqworl is a handy utility for collecting and sharing a number of links. It creates a short shareable link, similar to TinyURL, but instead of the link taking you to a single destination, it sends the recipient to a custom link group that you’ve assembled. Or, in the words of Sqworl-maker Caleb Brown:

Sqworl is this thing that you can use to turn a bunch of long dumb website links into one single smaller link with pretty web previews.

You can think of this a bit like a link presentation. You add a number of links to a link group, and give them each a description. Sqworl will take a screen grab of all the links. The result is a concise set of links, each with a thumbnail and a description, that you can safely send off in an email without worry of it getting garbled-up.

Sqworl [via ReadWriteWeb]