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Matt Biddulph of hackdiary posted links to a number of essential Objective C libraries, directed right at iPhone hackers who have a web development and scripted language background.

For the last few months I’ve been spending much of my spare hacking time learning to code iPhone applications. I’ve found Objective C to be a surprisingly pleasant language, and Cocoa is one of the best frameworks I’ve ever worked with. I’ve reached a point where I feel I can go fairly quickly from simple app ideas to sketching in real code.

I’m a web developer at heart, and a scripting language user by preference. Coding for the iPhone doesn’t feel as fluid in text handling or HTTP access as the environments I’m used to. Fortunately I’ve been able to find some fantastic open-source libraries and wrappers that make up the difference. Here are my favourites so far.

I’ll need to look into a lot of these in more detail, but there are tools here to simplify regular expressions, handle ajax queries more like jQuery, get data into and out of JSON format, and a simple abstraction layer for storing and querying data in SQLLite. Awesome.

For the iPhone developers out there: what’s your favorite or most essential Objective C library?

Switching from scripting languages to Objective C and iPhone: useful libraries