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Obama portrait drawn on an Etch-A-Sketch

This portrait of President Barack Obama was created by artist George Vlosich using an Etch-A-Sketch toy. The picture took 80 hours to draw using the two dials in one, unbroken line. In addition to this piece, the artist has created several more portraits that are equally impressive, although trying to duplicate them might take some work. Check out the link below for some more examples of his work.

via Daily Mail

44 thoughts on “Obama portrait drawn on an Etch-A-Sketch

  1. @hurf durf – i removed your comment, please email me if you like to discuss it and/or edit it so i can repost it.

  2. If you can look closely, you can see how. He connects the letters very lightly to the circle. It’s hard to see at this resolution. The stamp on the inside he did by creating a border on the bottom and then doing it from bottom up.

    This is crazy.

  3. Good try people! But there’s no way possible that this is legitimate. I’m not believing it for a second. I had one of these for years growing up. It would be near impossible to get the gradient shading illustrated here.

  4. It looks like there is a line across the bottom of the screen that would allow a connection to the other lines, I bet the stars have a smalls single line between them. Just observing.

  5. Yeah, as an owner of one growing up. There’s no way you could have gotten that shade gradient on the face. I call Bullshit!

  6. I love the guys that say “someone has too much time on their hands”. So a professional artist spending 80 hours on a piece of art that will get international attention and earn him countless kudos and probably commissions is wasting his time? But the guys reading random blogs and commenting for no reason are spending their time wisely?

  7. I saw another etch-a-sketch artist at a gallery show in San Francisco. I was impressed with the detail.

    They make it permanent by drilling out holes in the back and shaking out all the powder. Once the powder is out, there is no way for it to erase.

  8. The gradient shade is easy. Look closely, the shades are made of lines, lighter shades have fewer lines, more spaces. Darker shades have more lines fewer spaces…. It’s just like a newspaper, but with lines instead of dots.

  9. Not only are you unable to provide a hi-res pic or link, but is also a 50%+ degraded jpeg … this isn’t worth publishing if you can’t prove it; seems that those posting above could use a little skepticism.

  10. Hey there.. I just wanted to set the record straight :) I am good friends with George’s dad, and these are very real. He gets the etch-a-sketch’s for free due to an endorsement. They are made in a way that you can remove the back and preserve the image. Once they’re done they are permanent. His dad actually has some time lapse video on youtube of him working! Check it out!

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