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As Tina recently noted, I have a new sewing book (my first!) coming out next week called Sew Darn Cute: 30 Sweet & Simple Projects to Sew & Embellish. The newest issue of CRAFT features an excerpt from the book–a felted and recycled Silly Snake toy–but I thought I’d also whip up a project exclusively for Craftzine blog readers. I hope you enjoy it!
The Happy Acorn Pouch is a fun way to experiment with appliqué and embroidery while creating a useful and cute accessory. The embroidered accents are done with super simple running stitch, but you can get as fancy as you like (or add the details with fabric paint if you’re not confident with your stitching skills. You could dress it up even further by adding a charm to the zipper pull when you’re done–just use a bit of ribbon or a jump ring to attach it.
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Also! One lucky Craftzine reader will win a signed copy Sew Darn Cute! Just leave a comment on this post by 11am PST on Saturday, January 31 telling us why you need this book. Please make sure your e-mail address is included in your profile so we can contact you if you win.

164 thoughts on “Happy Acorn Pouch – CRAFT Pattern Podcast

  1. I need this book because I live in the middle of WY, prevented from traveling by the snow , and I need some cute inspiration to keep my sanity!

  2. Hi. . .I need this book because I adore Jenny Ryan and I’m so excited she has a book out. I’m sure I’ll learn something from it and gain loads of inspiration, but mostly I’m just happy for Jenny.

  3. This book would be perfect to inspire my group of kids with some cute sewing and embellishing ideas. I hope I win it.

  4. Wao, I need this book because…I need to learn how to make sweet things, I love to make gifs for others, specially when I go to India, I love to give toys to the poor children, some made by me, some others given by my friends and family, but I know they prefer if you have done for them, because they say there are special, and really they are.
    And the little bear that appear on the cover is very very cute!
    Thanks from Spain

  5. This book would be perfect to inspire my group of kids with some cute sewing and embellishing ideas. I hope I win it.

  6. I totally need this book because I’m finally learning how to sew and would LOVE to be able to make some of those pretty projects!

  7. I need this book because I adore simply cute things and love simple projects that are cute & functional (just started sewing!)

  8. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I would love to make my daughter some cute things from this book. She already wants the snake featured in Craft this month!

  9. I would love to have this book because I need more cute in my life! Don’t get me wrong, my life is pretty cute-filled, but this book would definitely tip the cute scales!
    Thank you!

  10. I HAVE to have this book because I’m a big fat huge fan of Jenny Ryan. AND I just bought my first sewing machine, so I need something to do with it.

  11. I need this book to cuddle and snuggle with on cold, lonely nights. *sigh*
    It’s dashing good looks have charmed me, I must admit.

  12. I need this book to cuddle and snuggle with on cold, lonely nights. *sigh*
    I must admit, I am charmed by it’s dashing good looks.

  13. I need this book because there’s no way I’m ever going to find it where I live. Santiago city needs all that cuteness!

  14. I would like this book because I love to thrift, and am excited about having some new, cute projects using vintage fabrics!

  15. Oh lookie, lookie I need this sweet little bookie! My daughter and I would be so delighted to work on these cute projects together.

  16. I need this book because I need a lot more cute in my life. I can’t wait to work my way through the projects in this book!

  17. I need this book like a fat kid needs cake. Because I love nothing more than crafting cute things which is why 90% of what I craft is for my 18 month old daughter. And because i’m not ashamed to surround myself with cute kitchy things I made that make me happy. And because I recently subscribed to Craft? *grasps at straws*

  18. Oh my goodness that is cute!! I would love this book because my daughter would be unbelievably happy making stuff with me out of it :) Plus I’m a craft book junky and it looks like it has some fantastic stuff in it :)

  19. Gasp…just a minute…let me catch my breath! I know I NEED your sweet book because it took my breath away the moment I saw it. The cover told me all I needed to know about what’s inside.

  20. I need this book because I’m new to embroidery and these projects are amazing! And I hope to encourage Jenny to publish more!!

  21. My daughter, who loves to craft, could use this book for a valentine gift! She doesn’t have much money for books and I would love to win this one for her!
    Lee Ann (Her Mom)

  22. Please,please, I NEED this book. I am a craftaholic, quiltaholic, sewaholic, bookaholic and i need it to satisfy my craving for cute, hand made fun theraputic fun. thanks.

  23. I would really love this book because I have such a crazy love for all craft books and this one in particular is so so beautiful! Also I need something to occupy my hands while I watch all four seasons Miami Vice which is my new favorite show :P

  24. I need this book as it looks so darn cute and i would probably have trouble sourcing it locally in Australia. Love the photography and styling on the cover – can’t wait to see inside!!

  25. I need this book! My daughter saw the little bear on the front cover and said “Mommy, I NEED that little bear!” I can’t disappoint her and I’ve already decided which items on the cover will go to my family members for Christmas this year. But I need to see the rest of the book to see what I can make for the rest of my family members.

  26. I desperately need this book! We’re moving house in March and I need to make lots of small presents for colleagues and friends before we move, and I’m sure this book would provide much needed inspiration.

  27. i need this book because i am new to the world of crafting and need more ideas and inspiration to keep me going! email address

  28. wow! what a gorgeous book! i need it because everyone needs more cute in their lives, but also because the cover shows so many of my absolute favourite things! vintage fabrics, rickrack, buttons, stuffies, embroidery and yo-yos!
    i’ve totally gone over my book buying budget lately (can’t resist craft books and mags!), so i’d LOVE to win it! otherwise i’d have to wait months, and i don’t think i can! so basically, i need to win it to prevent my visa card from crying. ;)

  29. I would like this Darn Cute Book because it’s just darn cute!
    It would be my 2md sewing book, and since i am a new sewing person i would love to have this and would use it daily.
    ty… I love the cute acorn too :)

  30. I need this book because I’d love to start crafting *for real* instead of just drooling over craft blogs. :) I mean, IN ADDITION to drooling over craft blogs! :D

  31. I think it would bring some cosmic balance to the universe to give a book entitled Sew Darn Cute to a guy, a guy who likes cute, but a guy non the less.

  32. I need this book because I’m always looking for ways to combine my crafty loves. Embroidery and sewing definitely fall into my favorites category! I also need it because it would help me think of even more ideas for gifts for my friends and family.

  33. I need this because from the cover it looks like you used a bunch of vintage sheets for the projects, and i have a whole mess of them just waiting to be used!

  34. I have anxiously waited for this book, I had email Jenny last summer to find out when this book was coming out and had been so disappointed that I had to wait so long. I can’t wait for it to go on sale!

  35. I need this book because I am literally a beginner with my very first sewing machine and I have no idea what to make! I have two small children and when I see the cover of the book, it looks like it would have a few patterns in there to satisfy them as well as myself. :) I also wanted to learn embroidery this year and to see that on some of the items in the book, it makes me long for it so badly. :D

  36. Too Cute!!! I need this book so I can do some crafting with my daughter and teach her how to sew. (Get them hooked early!)

  37. The cover is enough to make me get all excited about it. Adorable craft pictures. I would love to have this book. I love projects that are creative yet simple at the same time. Not to mention absolutely cute!! I would love to have this book to inspire gifts ideas as well. I hope I win!!

  38. I can see that this book is going to have some amazing patterns for my linen & vintage sheet collection. I can’t wait.
    xo, nikki lynn

  39. I would love to have this book so that I can make things for my preschoolers… I just recently became a preschool teacher!! Thanks so much! It’s just the cutest thing!!

  40. I would love (need!) to have this book because just from the cover (and maybe the title gives it away too!) I can tell that it has the cutest projects that I would love to make as gifts for my friends and family…and maybe even myself once in a while. I spend all my free time crafting, and sewing and embroidery are my primary crafts. I’d love to have more projects.

  41. This would be the best book to have so that I can make cute things for my preschool class… I just recently became a preschool teacher! Thanks so much!!

  42. I am expecting my first little girl, or should I say “crafting protege,” in April. These are the kind of books I will be reading her at bedtime!!! Although, it will be a few years until she will be able to thread a needle on her own, I look forward to adorning her, and her surroundings, in as many upcycled fashions as possible! This book looks like an inspiration we will use for years.

  43. Why should I be the winner?
    1. I have been drooling over this book and would be SO excited to win something:)
    2. I have a 2 1/2 year old girl that LOVES all things cute, including acorns (everytime we go to the park she crams her pockets full–I could make her that sweet little bag to carry them with!)
    3. My grandmother just gave me a box of super cute vintage fabric and I have no idea what to do with it!

  44. Hello, This is Ellen’s book case speaking. That is I speak for all the residents of my shelves. You see we are a large extended family here, a very diverse family. We have cousins who dye, embellish and quilt. We have crazy clip art cousins and believe it or not even a few novel relatives, all though I think that is a bit fictitious. Any hoo we have room here for and I think a need for something undeniably cute, something just too darn cute. Trust me when I say Ellen’s book selections are lacking the cute factor. So you see this book would be a welcome addition to our literary family. There is room, a cozy spot between contemporary quilts and recycling denim (those hippies!). So in short we would love to have Sew Darn Cute come and live with us and Ellen would benefit from a cute sewing experience.

  45. I need this book because I have JUST gotten into sewing and I could really use the inspiration and help!

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