“Firsts” from the MAKE Flickr pool


What does it feel like to make something for the first time? Or to try a new and foreign project or technique? One of the goals of MAKE is to inspire you to try something you never have before. I just love the feeling of grasping a new idea or successfully implementing a new method for the first time. I found some interesting “firsts” in the MAKE Flickr pool. Please share yours with us! Above is Flickr user doublellama’s first hot-wire knife prototype.


cibomahto’s first drawbot and its first drawing


Extra Ketchup’s first computer


drinkumbrella’s first tensegrity sculpture


gordasm’s first circuit

6 thoughts on ““Firsts” from the MAKE Flickr pool

  1. Drawbot looks awesome. Looks like its using some stepper motors or something. Where can I find information on how to build my own whiteboard drawer. Thats super cool!

  2. Ah, the Vic 20. My first computer too! I have very fond memories of that computer. So much so I got that as a personalised plate for the car I am restoring (and for other reasons – the car is called Vicky 2).

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