Update: Gakken Stirling engine build

Update: Gakken Stirling engine build

A few days ago I wrote about the Gakken stirling engine kit from the Maker Shed. My intentions were to build it during the Super Bowl. Well, after seeing all the drinks and food on the table I decided to move it back into my studio. During the 1/2 time break I was able to build a lot, and I continued after the game. It’s really looking cool, even though it’s only about 1/2 way done. I can’t wait until I can fire it up and see how it works!

I will have the complete build, and a video of my first firing, this Thursday. I wonder what kind of power the little DC motor puts out?

4 thoughts on “Update: Gakken Stirling engine build

  1. Tercero says:

    Seriously. It’s beautiful, but it’s how much? I mean seriously. For that amount, I could build MAKES version 10 times. And it’s a toy. No thanks Gakken.

    1. Marc de Vinck says:


      I really hope you do build MAKES version, and send me some picture. Not everyone has the skills, or desire, to make there own. Then again a lot of us do, but it’s nice to have the option.

      One thing I will mention, this kit is beautiful, the quality is amazing, and even though it isn’t inexpensive, it really is a good value.

      Now go make one DIY style and send me some links!!!

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