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Thanks to this post, I’m going to be thinking about that goofy Laser Cats bit on SNL: “In the future there was a nuclear war and because of all the radiation, cats developed the ability to shoot lasers out of their mouths.” But this is LaserPUPS. It’s a servo-controlled laser pointer and Web cam that can be used over the Web to entertain/annoy/exercise your dog (or cat) from afar. Joe, LaserPup’s creator, explains:

What makes the project possible is the iobridge, as it allows me full control of the servos and the small electronic circuit over the internet. To stream the action I installed a small webcam in the room, and to combat darkness I added an X10 controlled light. Finally I designed an interface page for the iphone (using iui as a base) that controls it all, and now my new toy travels with me everywhere.

LaserPup – The Internet Enabled Dog Toy


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