Your time vs Jason’s time…

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Jason Scott is an internet fixture, he’s been around forever and will likely outlast us all. He currently has the most followed cat on twitter and makes retro-tech documentaries.. He gave an excellent presentation at ROFLcon that reminded me of something that I hear from outsiders that look in to the world of makers… “you have too much time on your hands”. When you work on a project that doesn’t -seem- to have a practical application at first you sometimes hear someone say “you have too much time on your hands” – this is usually in the form of a snarky comment on the internet – but if you manage to get time to do what you want, from the practical to the fun, isn’t that good thing? shouldn’t it be celebrated? Jason’s talk reminded me when you do pursue the things you like to do, time consuming as they are, they’re usually the types of things that everyone links to, they go viral they, become “cool” and “awesome” – your “no life time” is a ratio of what everyone else’s “wow, this is cool” time. As I watched Jason’s talk, the TRON guy in his lovingly made costume took his seat… others had their laptops open working on their own “too much time on your hands” project, I thought what a great chart Jason made, and while is talk was about how his cat became the most popular cat on twitter – it was actually about something bigger.

Photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid.


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