Simple, stand-alone 5-volt regulator

Simple, stand-alone 5-volt regulator

MAKE subscriber S1axter, of myBitBox, has put together details on building a basic, filtered 5v power regulation unit based on the ubiquitous LM7805 voltage regulator. You can either build it out of a handful of parts you can get at your local electronics shack, or buy a little kit he’s put together.

Standalone Voltage Regulator


8 thoughts on “Simple, stand-alone 5-volt regulator

  1. Dave says:

    Not bad, but the 7805 regulator needs a penny heatsink. :*)


  2. The Oracle says:

    Add a transformer and heatsink, put it in a nice box with 5-way posts, make a set of them at different voltages, and that’s what my dad made about 35 years ago and I still use sometimes to this day.

  3. Kim says:

    and wants its 7805 back.

    There are switching regulators out there, so use them.
    e.g. LM2576 T-ADJ: 3A, 1,23 – 37V, 45Vs, TO-220-5
    Additional external components needed are more or less 2 inductors. The datasheet has lots of suggestions on how to build different versions.

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