Etsy has launched a new video series, “There’s No Place Like Here…” and their premiere episode features Boudoir Queen. From the site:

BoudoirQueen is a shop that inspires the imagination, so we decided to step into Dawn Younger-Smith’s world to see what inspires her. Dawn has lined her Austin, Texas showroom with her collection of all things 1920s: fringe, droopy lace, boudoir dolls, and utterly, breathlessly feminine clothing. Dawn got her start as a model for Steven Arnold, who helped Salvador Dalí with the creation and opening of Teatro Museo Dali in Figueras, Spain in the summer of 1976. She draws inspiration from many famous fashion designers such Paul Poiret and swears that had she been alive during his time, she would be wearing his glamorous garments.

The video is made by MAKE/CRAFT friend Eric Beug, and definitely evokes the feeling and spirit of its subject!