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iOSC multimedia controller for iPhone/iPod Touch


Recently, Flickr pool regular Recotana has been coding his own OSC controller application for iPhone/iPod Touch. After a relatively speedy development process, the app was submitted to Apple and finally arrived in the App Store last week under the moniker iOSC.

(For those unfamiliar OSC, or OpenSound Control is a network optimized data protocol designed for use with modern synthesizers and other multimedia performance devices.)

Though short on instructions, the software controller proves quite versatile and rather slick. Eight controller layouts are available, and individual controls can be their own color, label, value, and value type. On top of that, each button can be set with a number of different other options – even configured to send messages to separate hosts on your WiFi network.

I used OSCulator to route the data to Logic but of course OSC messages can be used in a variety of interesting ways –

From the MAKE Flickr pool

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  1. Looks great, I’ll surely give it a try. Don’t forget top mention mrmr though. Mrmr is very hackable and was created under the auspices of the extremely MAKE-y IDMI at NYU:poly.

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