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Pole camera inspired by MAKE: Television
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Mau sent me a link to his latest project. This time he built a pole camera based on the one from MAKE: Television. Almost all the parts were recycled from previous projects, so his cost was minimal. Great job Mau, and thanks for sharing!

Have you made any projects from MAKE: Television? If so, leave a link in the comments below so we can check it out. Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “Pole camera inspired by MAKE: Television

  1. is why you need the tilt. You can’t see the display or through the viewfinder. So, exactly what are you doing with the tilt, just snap-tilt-snap-tilt-snap?

  2. Chris, I wondered the same thing at first. I thought, is this just a gratuitous use of a servo? Not at all! Sometimes you can’t really get the angle you want tilting the pole. It turns out to be surprisingly effective to eyeball the camera’s angle from down below using the tilt servo and actually get shots of what you want. This is a benefit of wide-angle, and you can take loads of photos, like you suggested.
    Also, now that I’m looking for it I’ve found that nearly every digital camera has a video out, so you could potentially tap the signal to a monitor down below, depending on your needs (wouldn’t go hiking with that setup!). In Bill Gurstelle’s version in MAKE Volume 16, he put a wireless videocamera next to the still camera as a way to line up the shot.

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