Several years ago, I got into playing the gothic sci-fi tabletop wargame Warhammer 40,000. I nearly bankrupted my family (and I’m only half-kidding), with all of the models, supplies, games books, terrain pieces I bought. I got to the point, like any addict, where I was “under reporting” my habit and hiding some of my more uncontrolled behavior (online ordering makes late-night force upgrades so easy).

So I got a little queasy when I saw that Forgeworld (Games Workshop’s specialty/high-end model shop) has a new book out, Imperial Armour Model Masterclass Volume One (US$38), on building, painting, and creating terrain for their amazing (and absurdly expensive) models. I still have one of their giant resin-cast models, in a box, in my games closet, just waiting for me to have fifty or so free hours to build and paint it. I could probably use this book to get useful building and finishing tips. Hmm… I wonder if they take PayPal…?

Imperial Armour Model Masterclass Volume One