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Instructables user btop writes:

Gas bottle wood burners are very easy to make, efficient, and are perfect for late night parties. If you turn them right up, the middle can start to glow red, you can put a kettle on the top, or cut the top off and add a hot plate. These are really easy to make, and be changed however you want.

Some welding required, but besides that, it looks relatively straightforward!

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  1. @clvrmnky
    You’re right, firebricks would help the metal to last longer, but you probably don’t want to do that unless you want the fire’s heat to remain inside it (like FrankG’s foundry furnace). If this thing is a heater for late night parties and the like, you want the skin of the whole thing to radiate the fire’s heat in all directions rather than concentrating it up the chimney. You could easily weld a heavy plate to it to keep a pot of coffee hot (or gluhwein, if you’d rather).

  2. The best thing to do is CONTROL your fire by restricting the air intake vent so it isn’t a roaring fire while the door is closed. With a glowing stove and roaring fire noise from within, it is a good indicator to ‘tone it down’. Restrict the intake air and your fire will be MEDIUM intensity, your wood will last longer, your stove will last longer. Most home/chimney fires from indoor woodstoves are caused because of this, your woodstove shouldn’t sound like a jet engine.

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