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Pixel art book jackets

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Pixel art book jackets via Radar

26 thoughts on “Pixel art book jackets

  1. I don’t have to be bothered with knowing what book is what, and when I get new books I can make sure that there is no logical order to them. I think I’m going to suggest that our local library do this. Next I’m planning on painting all my resistors the same color, taking the labels off my prescription medication and arranging the pills more aesthetically…

  2. You could group a series of books together, each with a section of a picture that is representitave of the series (Stephen King’s Gunslinger series comes to mind.)

    TO identify individual books from the spine, you could simple print the book title on a small section at the top or bottom of the spine.

  3. It wouldn’t have to be so high-contrast black-white either.

    You could even scan the original spines, and just adjust the brightness of the “black” pixels down, and wash out the colors of the “white” pixels. That way the books remain recognizable. Individually they would look more or less normal because books often have funny looking spines, and front a few feet back they’d look like icons.

  4. This is simply insane. You can’t see which book is which, and there is absolutely no benefit whatsoever. Better to just paint a closed bookcase if you want pixelated crap in stead of books.

  5. …..So?

    Surely this is a joke? First off, who has that many books that are the same size? Secondly, who knows which stupid pixel art cover the book you want is behind? I’m guessing this idiot has to go through every single book to find the one he wants. Even if they were in alphabetical order (or some other order) it would take a while to find the right one. Or perhaps he is one of these people that does not actually read books but simply buys them to look intelligent when his friends come over?

    “Oh yes, i love Chekhov. he’s my favourite”

    “Really, what books of his do you have?”

    “Umm…I don’t actually know, they are all behind these stupid pixel dust covers, it doesn’t matter anyway, i prefer to look at pretty patterns then actually read books, I cant read anyway”

    “I should leave”


    I’m going to bash this idea because I am overlooking the obvious non-serious aspects of this idea and COMPLETELY focus on the utilitarian utilities!

    OH GOD! And I DID arrange my pill cabinet aesthetically thanks to this! MAH GRANDPADDER NEARLY DIED! THIS IDEA IS TRYING TO KILL OLD PEOPLE!


    On the other hand, in America what other use is there for books than impressing company? No one reads in this country.

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