Looks like Blythe could be diving further into the mainstream with a line of advertisements for the new Alexander McQueen line at Target. Some folks are already reporting spotting posters and magazine ads. How do you feel about Blythe making the Target connection? Via nitro:licious
Rerooting Blythe Doll Hair – CRAFT Video Podcast

8 thoughts on “Blythe Modeling New Alexander McQueen Line For Target

  1. Not that super skinny models show me what something would look like on me, but at least they are human. The dolls aren’t shaped like humans and the clothes look like… well… doll clothes. I’m not sure I’m too keen on this.

  2. As long as Target starts selling Blythe too, for a reasonable price, I’m good with it. Otherwise… I call ‘false advertising’.

  3. I’m a big Blythe fan, and I think it’s super cute and kitschy. Just shows again how in tune with pop culture Target is. Of course, the less people know about how awesome Blythe is, the less competition us Blythe fans have on ebay buying our dolls, so perhaps this is a mixed blessing. ;)

  4. Actually, it not false advertising. Even though we embrace Blythe in the craft world and that you can buy/make clothes for her, she’s actually well known as a “model” and has worn designer fashions. Here’s a link to the book Blythe Style, which mentions the doll has been in ad campaigns before for Nordstroms.

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