Wow, what a contest! We really got some fantastic entries. Here are the winners!


Grand prize winner: Hine Mizushima, “My Heart is Yours!

Hine wins two box sets of CRAFT! That’s eight issues altogether, in collector’s boxes.


Second place winner: Nifer Fahrion, “Love is a Battlefield

It was a really close race for first place, so Nifer will receive a free copy of CRAFT, Volume 10!


Honorable mention: Melissa Esplin’s homemade Tiddlywinks game


Honorable mention: Melissa Stiltner’s “Gamer’s Valentine” – Companion cube/ Mii popup card made from homemade paper


Honorable mention: Dave Ohlman’s Valentine’s book with printer’s letters and LEDs.

Thanks to everybody who entered, and happy Valentine’s Day!