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@NYC Toy Fair 2009 – One of the more interesting companies was 3D3 solutions, they use off the shelf web cams and presentation projectors to make a 3D model, you can see me getting 3D scanned above – good stuff and not as expensive as many of the other commercial packages.

FlexScan3D is an innovative non-contact 3D scanning software system that takes 3D measurements and creates digital 3D models directly from physical objects. The software is ideal for measuring complex shapes quickly. FlexScan3D is the world’s only fully customizable 3D scanning system that scans objects using off-the-shelf hardware components. It is a cost effective solution that is versatile in many applications. How FlexScan3D scanning works: Using one or two digital cameras and a white light (presentation) projector FlexScan3D will scan a wide range of objects, faces, and body parts quickly and accurately. The projector or laser puts reference patterns on to the scan target to aid accurate digitalization. The scene is captured using a camera or video camera. FlexScan3D’s 3D triangulation engine takes these images and creates millions of measurements of the scene. The process to acquire the data needed to create a 3D model is then completed in seconds. The 3D scan data is used in industrial design, reverse engineering, visual effects, and biomedical industries. Automated 3D capture drastically reduces the time and cost in capturing complex physical measurements.


3D Scanning System on MAKE: Projects


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