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Ticklish plants

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@NYC Toy Fair 2009 – We stopped by and visited our pals who sell the plants you can tickle… When you touch them, they “curl up” a bit, it’s very cute. The TickleMe Plant has also been called the “Shy Plant”, “Humble Plant”, “Sleeping Grass”, “Touch-Me-Not”, “Noli Me Tangere” , “Sensitive Plant” and “Modest Princess.” Mimosa pudica is its scientific name. Mark the owner has a bit of history on their site…

When my brother Larry and I were children, we would show our friends our TickleMe Plants and watch the looks of disbelief and excitement on their faces. Growing TickleMe Plants from seeds was then and still is a magical experience for us. Throughout our lives, we continued to grow our own TickleMe Plants. I became a science teacher and over my 30 years of teaching have had many budding scientists experience the joy of raising their own TickleMe Plants. Larry and I decided to form the TickleMe Plant Company, so that we could make the TickleMe Plant experience available to all people young and old. Many children (and adults) have never been exposed to the joy and importance of plants. Watching a plant grow and move can be an unforgettable experience. We don’t want children and those young at heart, to lose “touch” with our living world. What better adventure than to raise their own TickleMe Plant from seed? A great experience for everyone! Growing a TickleMe Plant is the perfect gift for someone who wants to share their love of nature and gardening! In addition, we donate 1% of all profits after taxes to The Nature Conservancy’s program, ‘Adopt an Acre’®, to save the rainforest.

14 thoughts on “Ticklish plants

  1. They grow on the Big Island of Hawaii on the Hilo side at least, they spread quickly and have thorns, but they are fun to torment.

  2. I grow these with my kids at school and show them off to my friends. There is no other plant as interactive as this.
    Its an experience every child can have and those young at heart. They also grow pink flowers, sleep at night and whent they get cold. I have seen mine close their leaves and lower their branches when a breeze blew over them.
    No green thumb needed…I grow them on a windowsill in the city

  3. @Dean

    It does seem like you put much thought into this?

    Things to note:
    It hasn’t suddenly developed the ability to feel pain.
    It still has no central nervous system.
    All plants have the ability to move.
    It’s still a plant it didn’t jump to the kingdom Animalia!

  4. they spread quickly and have thorns, its very difficult to get rid of them. the wildlife department should take a close look at this product

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