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Triops – They kick sea monkey butt

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@NYC Toy Fair 2009Triops – They kick sea monkey butt, these things are creepy. Triops are shrimp that look like horseshoe crabs and date back to the Triassic Period in fossil records, they’re also known as dinosaur shrimp — you bring them back to life by adding water to the eggs of these “living dead” creatures.

14 thoughts on “Triops – They kick sea monkey butt

  1. I notice no mention of their cannibalistic tendencies. Seriously. If there’s one thing that triops do well, it’s eating their brothers. I expect they’d probably eat sea monkeys too if they had the opportunity.

  2. I second that. I had some of these when I was younger ’cause I thought it would be fun, and then I was horrified when they ate each other alive, despite having ample food available.

    I found something online that mentioned a 5-10 gallon tank would be ideal for keeping your triops from eating each other:

  3. I grew some that my daughter gave me and I was excited to see not unly tadpole shrimps, but other forms of life, like water fleas and other tiny critters. I looked at a shed shell under 400-power and saw lots of Paramecia. Eventually, I wound up with ONE Triop that grew to an amazing size (2″) and lived for over 3 months.
    I have it in a jar of 199-proof ethanol.

  4. anhydrobiotic lifeforms – pretty interesting stuff.

    If interested, check out the chapter on them (including triops) in Craig Childs’ “The Secret Knowledge of Water”

  5. Before the Vegas valley was developed over and flood control basins were built these things would hatch in the pools left over from the summer flash floods. There would be thousands of them doing their thing until their puddle dried out.

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