CRAFT’s Old School columnist Cathy Callahan will be teaching a flower loom class at The Craft Kitchen in Santa Ana on Saturday Feb 28 from 11am – 2 pm. The class is $50 + $15 materials fee and you can sign up for the class online. Make a day of it and stay on for Robert Mahar’s terrarium class from 3 – 6pm too! You’ll also be able to watch Cathy make these flowers along with Martha Stewart on her TV show sometime in March. More details to come on that when we know more! Congrats Cathy!

4 thoughts on “Cathy of California Flower Loom Class at The Craft Kitchen in Santa Ana, CA on Feb 28

  1. You people who paid FIFTY DOLLARS to learn this are crazy. EVERYONE learns how to make these in Girl Scouts, geez! Libraries and craft stores offer this one for free!

  2. We have a “be nice” policy on CRAFT. Actually this class isn’t taught in libraries and craft stores. Cathy’s work is really amazing. You can’t put a price tag on her knowledge of the vintage craft world and materials. She’s very generous with her techniques and even has a video podcast with us where you can learn for free.
    But there’s nothing like learning hands-on in a classroom or one on one. Bravo to Cathy for sharing so much of her crafts with us and we look forward to seeing her on Martha!

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