John Park builds some lively and inexpensive miniature robots. Starting with a simple vibrabot made from a scrub brush, John assembles a solar junkbot and a slightly more complex beetlebot, which has paper clip ‘feelers’ attached to switches that allow it to respond to its environment. All it takes are a few common electronic components and some everyday objects and you can make an entertaining robot all your own.

Check out the PDF
for details on how to build your own bots.

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16 thoughts on “Maker Workshop – Miniature Robots on Make: television

  1. Dennis, I had some left over from an audio installation, but check
    Crystal and Jose, thanks so much, I’m glad you liked the episode!

  2. No mention of Evil Mad Scientist Labs when discussing the bristlebot? Was there a mention in the credits on the version of this segment that was broadcast on TV? Not trying to stir up anything here, but it seems like a pretty big oversight considering the events leading up to this weekend.

  3. @Garrett – EMSL is on our advisory board, they’re in the pages of MAKE and on our site – you’ll see them at maker faire in may too, we are always working with them. you can even buy their kits from MAKE.

    we did not make a tv show called “bristlebots” or a book/toy and later claim we invented the bots or the term. showing examples of little bots on a tv segment is a lot different than what scholastic and klutz attempted to do. which by the way is resolved now, they are giving EMSL credit.

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