Want to control music and more with your eyebrows? Try the Brauswitch by Robert Carlsen:

The Brauswtich is a digital switch to be worn on the forehead, just above the eyebrows. Raising one or both eyebrows will close the switch. There is a small gap between the upper and lower portions of the headband. It is made with a heavy burlap; the upper portion is stiffer than the lower portion which generally moves less as the eyebrows are raised and enables the switching motion. It was designed without a specific output in mind; the task was to work within the confines of the assigned body part – in this case the head and torso. In class we attached each of our switches to an Arduino +WaveSheild and used them to trigger sound effects. When adjusted correctly, it takes a very subtle movement to activate the switch although larger movements will work as well. Nothing groundbreaking here, but this was my first experience working with conductive fabric to build a wearable circuit. I may be hooked.

Via Fashioning Technology.


Eyelash switch: cyborg-style human interface device