After I wrote the Electronic Embroidery article for CRAFT, Vol. 9, I had readers emailing me asking where they could get their hands on small quantities of the supplies needed to embellish their wearables and wall hangings with light. The Sparkfun E-sewing kit is great if you want a whole spool of conductive thread, but for those of you just curious to try out the materials on a smaller scale, I’ve put together this kit of materials for sale on Etsy:

  • 1 sewable battery holder
  • 1 CR2032 coincell battery
  • 4.5 feet of conductive thread (enough for one or two projects)
  • 2 5mm LEDs (your choice of yellow, red, green, blue, or white, or a combination thereof)
  • 1 metal snap for creating a switch


Electronic Embroidery – CRAFT Video Podcast

From the pages of CRAFT, Vol. 09:


“Electronic Embroidery” by Becky Stern, pgs 117-119. View now in our Digital Edition or by the back issue in the Maker Shed.