I was looking to whip up a quick and easy accessory but didn’t feel like breaking out my jewelry supplies–plus I had some really inspiring ribbon laying around–so I came up with this No-Sew Ribbon Cuff. Read on to find out how to make your own!

You Will Need:
• A length of ribbon long enough to wrap around your wrist, plus about 3-4″
Steam-a-Seam fusible tape (I used the kind that comes on a roll, but you can also cut small pieces from a larger sheet)
• Snaps (I used two)
Also: Scissors and an iron
I started off by wrapping a piece of ribbon around my wrist, then cut it to size with an additional 3-4″ added (since you will be folding over the ends). Next, trim a bit of Steam-a-Seam fusible tape and tuck beneath the raw ends of your ribbon (which you will fold over about 1″). Iron to fuse the layers together. Do this on both ends of the ribbon.
Next you’ll add snaps to the ends of your ribbon. Because the ribbon I chose is so wide, I used two snaps as a closure–but you can get away with using just one if your ribbon is more narrow. There are many kinds of snaps and snap-setters on the market, you can find a variety in the Tools and Notions department of your favorite sewing shop. My personal favorite snaps come from Snap Source. Their snap-setting tool (which I’ve seen for sale at JoAnn) is the best I’ve found and you can order snaps in a wide variety of colors and sizes. If you can’t find a snap-setting tool you like, you could use sew-on snaps (which would of course make this a “Low-Sew” project instead of a “No-Sew” one).
That’s it! This cuff took me only 10 minutes to make and now I have a super cute cuff bracelet to wear out tonight. If you wanted to embellish your bracelet further, you could add some fun details with beads or buttons. I think the ribbon I used for my particular bracelet is gorgeous enough on its own, but the sky’s the limit!

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