Start a cultural revolution in your own house with Philip Ross’ Home Mycology Lab project from MAKE Volume 07, our Backyard Biology issue. Mushrooms are fascinating (and tasty), and this article introduces you to what it takes to make them grow. I love this illustration:


Philip offers a detailed how-to on making your own miniature mycology lab using an off-the-shelf home air purifier with a HEPA filter to create a “clean box” pristine environment. The project takes about an hour to build and about 2 weeks to grow, and provides a fun and easy window into the magical world of mycelium.

Philip Ross has extensive experience with mushrooms, and incorporates them (as well as plant life) into his artwork. Here’s an example:


Check out Home Mycology Lab in our Digital Edition. Other projects in Volume 07 include extracting and replicating your own DNA, hacking your plants through grafting and pollination, freezing and reviving a garden snail, building a videocam rocket and a Stirling engine, and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, we’re sold out of back issues of Volume 07. The good news is if you subscribe, you can have digital access to all 17 volumes of MAKE!