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Unsold cars around world

This is starting to look like an art project

6 thoughts on “Unsold cars around world

  1. Its what they deserve. Auto companies have been taking us for a hike for years now. Grossly overpaying their workers and overcharging for p.o.s. cars. I for one hope they fall in the bridges they burned. Oil, Tire, and Auto have been getting dirty in bed for so long they all are going to die of horrible diseases from their filthy money making orgies. They literally conspired to kill every innovation from solar cells to the electric car and electric trolley car. Buying them up, putting them out of business across the country and replacing them with their firestone tire, shell gas driving, filthy gm bus. I havent been proud of american vehicles since I was a child. I kept trying to hold to some company in hopes that their vehicles didnt suck, only to constantly be disappointed and out matched by foreign cars.

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