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“This is why I do it”

Jake von Slatt, of Steampunk Workshop, says:

Got an email this morning that made my frikk’n day:


If you’re the gentleman that posted an article regarding removal and repair of a charcoal canister and stuff – thank you. The article inspired me to keep trying to do my own repair here in Southern CA. I was getting a little taxed by the task. By the way, I decided that my owner’s manual is written poorly. I can understand your writing just fine, but the car manual really tries me. I’m an engineer, and I ask my wife to explain things for me when I can’t figure them out – she laughs and hints that I may be language challenged. But I told her that I understand Jake’s writing just fine… Saving $700 suits me just fine, as well.

Thanks again,


He’s referring to this article.

I did this repair because I was outraged at what the dealer was going to charge me to replace what is essentially a paint can full of charcoal, and when I couldn’t find a generic solenoid valve, I decided to try and repair the failed valve myself.

The real triumph is that a search for “toyota sienna evaporative canister” returns my article in the #1 slot. So whenever a dealer quotes $700 for this repair, chances are good that a handy individual will find the information they need to repair it themselves for zero dollars.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how we win. Thanks for making my day Jim!


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