HashTweeps – find Twitter users by hash tag

HashTweeps – find Twitter users by hash tag

My friend Tom O’Neill got to hacking yesterday and created an uber-useful Twitter tool called HashTweeps. The idea is that you enter a hash tag, and HashTweeps will dig through Twitter’s search results and return a concise list of all the Twitter users who have tweeted with that tag. It’s a handy way to track down who’s been talking about a particular topic or event.


4 thoughts on “HashTweeps – find Twitter users by hash tag

  1. #MTS says:

    Great post and tool! For this very reason I started http://hashmarksthespot.com/, a directory for # entries. I caught on pretty quick to what they were, but didn’t know what some of the acronyms meant. Hope you find it useful!


  2. anonymous says:

    Hi – I want to include the tweet count on the twitter widget on my site. I noticed hash tweeps does this but I cant find a way to embed this on my site. any suggestions?

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