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In the Maker Shed: SolarSpeeder 2.0 Kit

The SolarSpeeder Kit from the Maker Shed is a really fun kit to make and race. The kit comes with detailed instructions, and is easy enough for even a beginner to assemble. I really like the contoured circuit board with it’s cool looking gold flames. It really was amazing how fast this little solar racer ran across the floor after less than a minute of charging. Next I have to try out some of the upgrades. I’ll keep you updated.

The SolarSpeeder was designed using ideas gathered from many years of Solaroller racing at the BEAM Robot games. You only need a soldering iron and basic hand tools to turn this high-quality coreless DC motor, lightweight body, and tweaked electronics to build your solar speed-demon.

The SolarSpeeder can cover 3 meters (10 feet) in less than 40 seconds in direct sunlight. Simple to construct and a great project for beginners!

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In the Maker Shed:


More about the Solarspeeder Kit

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    1. @Arno

      The kit comes with very detailed instructions, no need for more. My video is just a fun way to show the SolarSpeeder being built. It isn’t a How-To.

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