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Mind-blowing homemade dodecahedral puzzle

This incredible dodecahedral “Petaminx” twisty puzzle was all hand-cast, hand-assembled, and hand-colored (okay, “hand-stickered,” but still…).

The Making of the Petaminx

14 thoughts on “Mind-blowing homemade dodecahedral puzzle

  1. This should be titled “And you thought an 8 sided puzzle with 72 colored squares was hard to solve.”

    On a side note I have a feeling the person who designed this would be an expert at torture.

  2. Zof, I want to know where you buy puzzles, I recall a fun 6 sided puzzle… with 54 colored squares… but the almighty eight sided puzzle has eluded me all these years..

  3. This has so many practical uses, like a butt-plug, a medium-light throwing missile, a paperweight, a dog’s toy, a fake eye for giant squid and even as an effective stroke inducing ‘stubborn nerd’ killer. Alas, it will most likely remain forever a humble impossibly difficult puzzle for one man and a talking point for the millions who stumbled upon this like myself. how boring.

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