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CommonCraft has a neat way of explaining complex ideas. They use a simple format of paper cutouts and figures with a voiceover. Recently, there has been a bunch of buzz about Twitter, and a number of references have been made to their work explaining how Twitter works.

Here they explain Google Documents:

There are so many things that the people around us don’t yet know about. It is nice to be able to point somebody to a good resource that explains the concepts or process quickly and effectively. With the tools we have for communication, photos, video, wiki, instructables, blogs and more, we have many possibilities for helping others understand and learn. Add your ideas to the comments, and contribute your photos and videos to the MAKE Flickr pool.

How have you used modern tools to explain things? What is your killer app for social media in education? What is the best way to explain something complex? Have you made video products similar to these? What software and hardware would you use to make instructional video? Show us your video if you have. Join the conversation in the comments, and add your photos and video to the MAKE Flickr pool.

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  1. There are more sites with animated explanations. I bookmarked Videojug ( and Animated Explanations (

    Anyone more suggestions like these?


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