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Experiments in stereolithography

From the MAKE Flickr pool

Flickr member Model Army did some testing with a stereolithography machine and posted the elegant results.

For those unfamiliar with the process – stereolithography uses UV lasers to solidify a photosensitive resin, printing objects one layer at a time from a vat of the liquid –

Learn more about the process on Wikipedia.

6 thoughts on “Experiments in stereolithography

  1. Hey, we had those made at the University of Georgia. It was a project I did in school in 2002 with David Baird ( The top one he designed and the two on the bottom I did. We designed and modeled them in FormZ at the time (I would do it in Rhino now), and we stuck to a 3″x3″ outer dimension. It was for a show David put on called Investigations In Light, and the ended up being really beautiful pieces. I will try and post some of the other images where they weren’t lit from below so you can see how the resin looks not lit. I also am pretty sure they got sanded and maybe even slightly sandblasted to give it a better glowing quality once lit.


  2. @Jordan – thnx for the info!

    @emperor – good question, I know I ran across some online store for such materials in the past but I can’t seem to dig it up right now. After googling “photopolymer”, I did run across a type used for making rubber stamps, likely not appropriate for uses like this tho :/

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